by Laura Mx

First-wave feminism was a very good thing, as it achieved voting and property rights for women. No one should feel threatened by women of power. History is full of these wonderful women. One amazing early example of real feminism is Bessie Stringfield.


Bessie was an immigrant from Jamaica (Dear Internet, please stop calling her African-American). At the age of 16 she taught herself to ride her first motorcycle, a 1928 Indian Scout. At the age of 19 she decided to ride her bike across the United States, earning expense money by performing at shows and carnivals.

A Black woman riding a motorcycle? This was unfathomable to some people. She would often enter races and was refused prizes when she won. Contest organizers would let her enter because they never thought she’d actually win.  She served as a courier for the US Army during World War II, crossing the country 8 times.  She moved to Florida in the 1950s and was continually harassed by police, who would tell her “nigger women are not allowed to ride motorcycles”.

Bessie neither asked permission to ride, nor forgiveness. She simply did what she did because she was a strong person. Bessie never saw herself as a victim.

Once first-wave feminism reached their goals of property and voting rights for women, the movement needed a place to go. Today’s third-wave feminism pretends to carry the torch, but it’s more like a safe space for professional victims. Let’s contrast Bessie and countless other fine examples to today’s brand of feminism:

While they certainly have a right to whatever opinions make them happy, the hypocrisy of third-wave feminism can’t be ignored.

On the issue of domestic violence, women are free to assault men at will, with zero repercussions (how about nobody assault anybody?).  A man verbally attacking a woman is misogynist, but a woman verbally attacking a man? No, that never happens.  All sexual predators should be jailed, unless his name is Bill Clinton.

Modern feminism will never be taken seriously until they grow up and realize that they’ve already won. Men and women are different, and that’s okay with most people.